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Stergios Aidinlis

Stergios is an MSt in Socio-Legal Research student and a member of St Cross College, supervised by Professor Jane Kaye at the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) and advised by Dr Bettina Lange at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) at the University of Oxford. His research, funded by an ESRC DTP studentship as part of the Administrative Data Research Network (ADRN) project at HeLEX, examines the impact of the formal legal framework and other factors on administrative data sharing for research in the UK.

Before joining the Centres, Stergios completed postgraduate and undergraduate studies in Law at the University of Oxford (MJur) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (LLM, LLB), focusing primarily on human rights and criminal law.


Jessica Bell, Researcher in Law

Jessica is a Researcher in Law at the HeLEX Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies, at the University of Oxford. She provides legal and ethical research support on data protection and data sharing, and specialises in the regulation and governance of large - scale research consortia such as the ADRN and UK Biobank. Jessica completed her PhD from the University of Sheffield in May 2016, and has spent time as a visiting researcher at the internationally renowned Centre for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society, UC Berkeley, and Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University, Montreal.


Sharon Bell, Administrative Assistant

Sharon provides administrative support for the Administrative Data Service.


Chris Coates, Web Editor

Chris is responsible for web content, and works with others in the team to make sure our communications are clear and transparent.


Mika Fowles, User Services Senior Officer

Mika provides front line support for users of the Administrative Data Research Network on queries relating to data acquisition, linking, access, processing and reporting.

Mika is also responsible for liaising with data owners to arrange the provision and linkage of data for individual research projects.


Dr. Heather Gowans, Researcher in Law

Dr. Heather Gowans is based at the HeLEX Centre at the University of Oxford. She is an expert in legal research.


Gemma Hakins

Gemma Hakins, Public Engagement & Communications Manager

Gemma is responsible for strategic communications and public engagement, promoting and supporting the Network and ensuring cohesion and best practice. She coordinates the communication and public engagement strategies of the different partners in the Network to make sure we work together across the UK towards our vision: better knowledge, better society.


Sabrina Iavarone, User Services Senior Officer

Sabrina supports researchers applying to use the Network. With the User Services team, she develops procedures and guides to make sure the process is straightforward, safe and robust for researchers and advises on administrative data availability, as well as contacting government departments to start data negotiation.


Paul Jackson, Strategic Data Negotiator

Paul comes on secondment from the Office for National Statistics for a period of 18 months and has invaluable experience with the ONS.  He will strengthen and increase the current links with the many different data generating government departments.  Paul will work with government officials and data controllers for data release and this will enable the ADRN to extend the opportunities for social science researchers.

Until joining ADRN Paul was Head of Legal and International Relations at the UK Statistics Authority.  This involved operating the department's Freedom of Information and Data Protection work, designing and advising on the statistical law (both national and EU), and preparing the National Statistician and other Directors for their work on the international stage.  John Pullinger is on the Bureaus of the UN Statistics Commission, the OECD, and the UN Conference of European Statisticians, so the work was about preparing him for this international leadership role and maintaining UK's influence in statistics globally.

He has worked with the bill for the Statistics and Registration Service Act and negotiated numerous European statistical laws. Paul spent two years as Chair of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Expert Group on international collaboration on microdata and was a member of the steering committee of Data Without Boundaries. He spent a year as the first Managing Director of The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA).


Jane Kaye, Professor of Health, Law and Policy

Jane is Director of the Centre for Law, Health and Emerging Technologies at Oxford (HeLEX) and a Wellcome Trust University Award holder.  Her team are leading on the Dynamic Consent project and she is one of the leaders in the ELSI 2.0 Global Initiative. Her research focuses on the relationships between law, ethics and the emerging technologies in health. Jane is on a number of international expert committees and scientific advisory boards and has been on the  Nuffield Council Bioethics Working Group on Biodata and Rapporteur for the EC Expert Report, Biobanks for Europe - A Challenge for Governance, June 2012. Her research involves investigating the relationships between law, ethics, and practice in the area of emerging technologies in health.

Along with Jessica Bell, she monitors and analyses the evolving legal landscape to identify the implications for the research use of administrative datasets for the Network. They provide academic advice and good practice guidance on legal and regulatory issues that arise from the Network's activities.


Judith Knight, Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Judith plays a supportive role in implementing both the Communications and Impact strategy and Public Engagement strategy, and takes a lead role in organising events and the Network’s internal newsletter.


Rowan Lawrance, User Services and Communications Officer

Rowan is responsible for providing support to the Network’s users and developing documentation and resources, web-content and metadata to enable users to fully understand the application process and potential of the Network.


Elaine Mackey, Training & Capacity Building Officer

Elaine is responsible for training and capacity building across the Network. Her specialist area of research is in statistical confidentiality, and she has worked on a project for the ‘Data Environment Analysis Service‛ funded by the Office for National Statistics to map the data that a hacker might use to identify individuals in anonymised datasets. She has also worked as the Network Coordinator for the UK Anonymisation Network, a group of academics, lawyers and policy makers who are developing materials to help data producers to anonymise their data effectively.


Jan Paterson, Administrator

Jan is PA to Melanie and Tanvi, and provides the Secretariat and administrative support for the Network’s Approvals Panel.


John Sanderson, User Services Manager

John is responsible for managing all aspects of User and Data Services. This includes overseeing, developing and delivering user support and training activities as well as line management.


Hannah Smith

Hannah is currently a research student at the Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) and is supervised by Professor Jane Kaye and Dr Bettina Lange.

Her work, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, is titled 'The Use and Governance of Data in Research' and will consider how the law can protect and advance the privacy and other expectations of individuals whilst also promoting the public good. During her research, Hannah will explore how the legal articulation of this balance compares to the expectations of individuals. She will undertake fieldwork to determine these expectations and how individuals feel the balance between the interests of privacy and the public interest should be struck and if this can be incorporated into any legal reforms or administrative best practices.

Prior to her research, Hannah completed the BCL at Merton College, University of Oxford, in 2016 and obtained a First Class degree in Jurisprudence from the same institution in 2014.


Claire Spencer, Administrator

Claire provides internal administrative support for Training and Capacity Building and the Research Working Groups. Claire is also involved in outreach and marketing events to help promote the work on the Network as a whole.


Ilse Verwulgen, Senior Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Ilse plays an important role supporting and delivering our portfolio of communications and public engagement activities, and helping to coordinate communications and public engagement activity across the Network.


Dr. Susan Wallace, Researcher in Law

Susan is based at the HeLEX Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies, at the University of Oxford, as well as Honorary Lecturer of Population and Public Health Sciences in the Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester, UK, and a Visiting Scholar at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.  Her research interests include the legal and policy implications of population-based and disease-based longitudinal cohort studies and biobanks; the ethical issues surrounding the collection, use, linking and sharing of research data across international borders; and research ethics review. 


Joanne Webb, Project Manager

Jo is responsible for developing a plan for the project, reporting on progress and ensuring the project is delivered. Jo also chairs the network’s Project Managers Working Group and the Chairs of Working Group meeting.


Linda Winsor, User Services Assistant

Linda is responsible for support the Network’s users. This includes responding to user queries, providing information on the Network, supporting applicants who are applying to the Network, and overseeing the project and researcher approval and accreditation processes.


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