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Data and services for users

The Administrative Data Service has a User Services team at the University of Essex which:

  • advises and supports researchers who want to use administrative data
  • negotiates with data custodians, such as government departments and agencies, for access to the data
  • makes sure the process of carrying out the research is safe, secure, robust and legal

The User Services team is the first point of contact for researchers. The team support every research proposal from initial idea to assessment by the Approvals Panel through to the end of their project. For more information, contact them at or tel. no. 01206 873435

Training and capacity building

User Services oversees the accreditation of researchers as all researchers using the service need to be trained to use data safely, lawfully and ethically to ensure the safety of data and to protect privacy.  

The Network provides training and capacity building opportunities for researchers to help put the UK at the forefront of innovative social and economic research.

Communications and Public Engagement

Our Communications and Public Engagement team, also based at Essex:

  • makes sure this website is informative for all audiences
  • provides concise and clear information for researchers wanting access to administrative data
  • produces engaging videos and case studies to promote the benefits of the Network

We want public support for the use of administrative data for research, so we provide assurance about the Networks standards of data security. We:

  • stress the importance of protecting public privacy
  • provide full information on the social benefits that this type of research can generate

Legal advice

A small legal team at HeLEX (the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford) monitors and analyses the evolving legal landscape to understand the implications for research which uses administrative data. They also provide academic advice and good practice guidance on legal and regulatory matters arising from the Network’s activities.

Network coordination

The Administrative Data Service also brings the Network together with external and internal communications, and through project management and administration.

Page last updated: 05/05/2017