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Evaluating the impacts of Welsh Government funded schemes designed to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low income households on health outcomes through the use of existing data

Aims: To evaluate the impact on people’s health of Welsh Government schemes to improve energy efficiency for low-income households.

Change in alcohol outlet density and alcohol-related harm to population health (CHALICE): a comprehensive record-linked database study in Wales

Aim:  To find out if a change in the availability of alcohol leads to a change in the harm that it causes

An investigation into the impact of disability on employment in Wales

Aims: To look at the medical history and pathways of individuals who report a disability and those who do not, and to explore the effects that disability status has on employment in Wales

Homelessness and recidivism: examining the impacts of a right to settled accommodation

Aims: To examine the effects of local authority housing assistance on the reconviction rates of prison leavers in Scotland.

Individual deprivation in Wales: Exploring the feasibility of constructing a measure using linked data

Aims: To explore the construction of an individual level measure of deprivation using linked data

Exploring associations between job characteristics and objective and subjective measures of well-being

Aims: To analyse the relationship between job characteristics, worker well-being and health.

Assessing the effectiveness of European Social Fund funded labour market programmes in Wales

Aims: To assess the effectiveness of European Social Fund (ESF) funding focused on developing skills for employment, and ask whether or not these programmes have a demonstrable effect on the outcomes of participants.

Assessing the feasibility of using administrative data to examine risk factors for domestic violence and child sexual exploitation in the Swansea area

Aims: To explore whether linked administrative data can be used to facilitate our understanding of risk factors for Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Exploitation, which will inform any future research in this area.

Extending the opportunities for prevention of suicide

Aims: To examine the association between certain medications and suicidal behaviour to determine whether some antidepressants, or a combination of medication, leads to an increased risk of suicide. The project will also examine whether changes in employment status or financial circumstances have an effect on suicidal behaviour.

Examining the link between family health events and pupil performance in Wales

Aims: To examine the effects that illness has on the educational performance of children at different ‘key stages’ in their academic careers.

Understanding the determinants of educational achievement and the association with health and well-being by age 14 in Wales

Aims: To explore what determines educational achievement at ages 11 and 14, as well as routes to educational ‘success’ for different groups of children when considering their background.

Examining contributory factors in road traffic collision data involving older people in Wales

Aims: To examine contributing factors in road traffic collisions – such as location, time of day, weather and junction type – and compare accidents involving those aged under 65 and those aged over 65.

Understanding participation in post-compulsory education and training in Wales

Aims: To analyse how Welsh children progress through secondary school, into sixth forms and further education colleges for post-16 education, and to identify different learning pathways and examine factors which affect vocational learning over academic qualifications.

Developing an analytical approach for assessing the effectiveness of the Flying Start programme: analysis of the health and education impacts of Flying Start

Aims: To help the Welsh Government in understanding the health and educational impact of its Flying Start early years programme for families with children under 4 living in disadvantaged areas.

Assessing the health impact of adults’ participation in sport in Wales: investigating the mediating role of accessibility to sports facilities

Aim: To identify the relationship and pathways between the accessibility of sport facilities, self-reported participation in sport, and health for adults in Wales − and whether accessibility to sports facilities contributes to inequalities in health

Page last updated: 04/02/2017