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Resources for researchers

The Administrative Data Research Centre Wales (ADRC Wales) strives to provide the best possible service to all of our stakeholders and is committed to supporting researchers to achieve excellent outputs that have the ability to inform policy and have a clear public benefit.

Each quarter, ADRC Wales produces a Data Brief to provide researchers with a general understanding of some of the data sets that exist. Produced by our Research Officers, who are researchers themselves, these short guides aim to give a concise introduction to data sets that exist in the UK.

Each Data Brief will provide information on the general overview of the data set, its characteristics and limitations and also previous research that has been carried using the data set.

Data Brief: Lifelong Learning Wales Record (531Kb) Data Brief: Skills and Employment Survey (261Kb) Data Brief: An Overview of Administrative Health Data within the SAIL Databank (109Kb) Data Brief: The Welsh National Pupil Database (153Kb) Data Brief National Survey For Wales.pdf (629Kb) Data Brief Welsh Demographic Survey.pdf (547Kb) Data Brief Welsh Health Survey.pdf (106Kb)

Page last updated: 04/02/2017