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The importance of public opinions

Approvals panel

We have two lay members on our Approvals Panel who are replaced every two years.

What does it involve?

Researchers who apply to the Network have to submit a project proposal which is evaluated by the Approvals Panel against four criteria:

  • Public benefit
  • Feasibility
  • Academic merit
  • Privacy impact

They also check whether a project has successfully undergone ethical approval via an estabilshed ethics board.

You will be required to attend twelve meetings per year. Four meetings are face-to-face at one of our locations, the other meetings are teleconferences. The meetings take place on work days during working hours.

You will have to read the proposals and evaluate them against the five criteria. The proposals are then discussed at the meeting and the Panel decides whether to approve, reject, or send back the project for more information.

You will receive a stipend to compensate for your time and any travel expenses will be reimbursed.

If you’re interested in the role, please contact us for more information.

Page last updated: 05/05/2017