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Returns to Further Education

Peter Urwin from the University of Westminster explains how research using Administrative Data provides a truer picture of the benefits of Further Education qualifications to young people as they move into the world of work.

Digital Economy Bill

What will the Digital Economy Bill do for Administrative Data?

Helping children in care

Helping children in care do better at school and in life.

Lord David Willetts: Falling behind the data revolution

Lord David Willetts, Executive Chair of the Resolution Foundation and former Universities Minister, on the danger for Britain and British social science of falling behind the big data revolution.

Using data to help vulnerable children

Patrick Guthrie, Head of Public Service Reform, Essex County Council talks about a partnership between the Council and the University of Essex using administrative data to help vulnerable children.

Lord David Willetts: Achievements and challenges

Lord David Willetts, Executive Chair, Resolution Foundation and former Universities Minister on the danger for Britain and British social science of falling behind the big data revolution.

Helping the homeless into homes

Dennis Culhane, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania and co-Director of the Intelligence for Social Policy initiative explains how linking data in the United States has helped homeless people with mental health problems off the street and into homes and reduced the burden on health and social care services.

John Pullinger: Opportunities and obstacles of using Administrative Data

John Pullinger CB, UK Statistics Authority talks about the opportunities and obstacles facing those looking to share and use Administrative Data

Sharon Witherspoon: Sharing data safely and securely

Sharon Witherspoon MBE, Head of Policy of the Academy of Social Sciences and the Campaign for Social Science talks about how the Administrative Data Network can help Government Departments to share their data safely and securely.

How a city council improves services and saves money

Lynn Wyeth, Head of Information Governance and Risk at Leicester City Council, describes how the council links data in-house to improve services and save money.

Andrew Stott: Saving money by sharing data

Andrew Stott, former Director for Transparency and Digital Engagement gives three examples from around the world where sharing data has resulted in huge savings.

Page last updated: 05/05/2017