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Understand data: research skills and training

The ADRN provides training and expertise to support the research community across academia, government departments and agencies to use administrative data more effectively for their research.  It brings international best practice and guidance in research methods, data policies, ethics, procedures and safety.

The Administrative Data Taskforce identified the need for a single, UK-wide research training and approvals process for researchers, built on best practice. The ADRN have consequently developed one.  All researchers that apply to use the ADRN must complete approved SURE training before gaining access to any secure data. This is one of the ways the Network ensures data privacy and security are adhered to at all times and improves the knowledge and skills of researchers across the UK. 

The ADRN hosts a research conference in the UK every Spring, for researchers and policy makers working with administrative data.

Page last updated: 05/05/2017