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ADRN - Enabling new research using administrative data for public benefit

Better use of data

Better knowledge, better society

Supporting policy priorities

  • Providing secure access to evidence-based insights from academia into cross-party challenges including social mobility and support for families with multiple disadvantages; or the impact of lifestyle on health, environment, food and transport.
  • Collaborating with the What Works Centres and other users of public policy evidence.

Better knowledge, better society

Information security and privacy

  • Providing everything needed by a government department or public authority to safely transform sensitive administrative information into functionally anonymised datasets for research.
  • Following all legal pathways and compliance with the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice.
  • Set up to carry out all the safeguards for research under the Digital Economy Act 2017.

Better knowledge, better society

ADRN expertise

  • International reputation for providing expertise to governments and researchers worldwide
  • Data security, privacy, ethics, legislation, governance, research methods and policies >>
  • UK-wide research training and approvals processes, built on best practice
  • Policy impact with a data sharing agreement tailored to specific requirements across departments.

Better knowledge, better society

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