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ADRN - Enabling new research using administrative data for public benefit

Featured research

  • Factors influencing access to higher education of under-represented groups. >>
  • Benefit and taxation policy impact through the affects and outcomes of Universal Credit. >>
  • The effects of economic hardship and well-being on carers. >>
  • The impact of disability on employment and subsequent economic outcomes. >>

Better knowledge, better society

Digital Economy Bill

  • Expertise to protect individual confidentiality and enable meaningful data for research - 3rd reading: House of Lords |5 April 2017
  • Advice to cabinet office on new legislation to enable safe, secure, ethical, responsible research >>
  • Expertise and infrastructure to implement the Code of Practice and approved researcher standards of the UK Statistics Authority.

Better knowledge, better society

Research and policy

  • Secure access to Research Centres and data linkage across the UK
  • Broader, objective population representation to develop more effective policies >>
  • Bespoke service with minimal cost and impact on current resources, respecting all legal gateways
  • Richer, deeper understanding of social challenges, with protected privacy and benefits to the public.

Better knowledge, better society

ADRN expertise

  • Expertise in research methods, data policies, procedures, legislation, security and privacy >>
  • UK-wide research training and approvals processes, built on best practice
  • Expertise provided to governments and researchers worldwide
  • Help to curate datasets with a data sharing agreement tailored to specific requirement.

Better knowledge, better society

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