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Communication and Public Engagement

The communications and public engagement team is based at the University of Essex.  The team provides the expertise for any ADRN-wide marketing, leading on the strategic development of communication and public engagement plans. 

The team have the responsibility for the design, brand and tone of all the ADRN external communications to ensure a cohesive ADRN identity.  They provide training and support to the Communications and Public Engagement teams across the Centres.

ADRN website

The team work to ensure that the content on the website is current, relevant and reflects the ADRM ethos and aims. They provide training and support for each Centre’s web editors.   They provide website monitoring, Google analytics, daily maintenance, and trouble shooting and carry out audience testing to test the website’s usability.

ADRN social media 

The team manages and monitors the ADRN social media channels, such as YouTube and Twitter. The team ensure that a stream of comments are added and work to promote the Network and gain an ever increasing readership.

External facing promotional materials

The team produce the Network News newsletters, the quarterly researcher newsletter, the annual review, and many other publications. They also write articles for placement in targeted publications to promote and highlight the services that the ADRN provides to data providers and researchers. 

The collaborate with researchers and interested advocates to produce podcasts and videos about the ADRN.

Data Acquisition Team

Communications and engagement play a key role in the data acquisition strategy.  Gemma Hakins is communications lead and is supported by members of the team with written materials, promotion opportunities and profile raising.

Internal conferences

The team lead on the annual ‘All hands’ Conference which enables the ADRN to come together to learn, share and meet each other in person.

External events

The team also attend conferences to promote the ADRN among key audiences, such as policy makers, researchers and the public. They organise events, such as the Talk Big Data public panel series and other events for the Festival of Social Sciences. 

Page last updated: 18/09/2017