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Training and capacity building

Co-director Mark Elliot, Elaine Mackey and Claire Spencer form the training and capacity building team based at the University of Manchester. The team trained the SURE trainers in each of the ADRCs and ensures that the same standards are adhered to across the ADRN.

The team continues to coordinate the ADRN-wide outreach to researchers to increase their skills and train the next generation of social scientists. They often visit doctoral training centres (DTCs) and attend conferences where they bring the ADRN to the attention of both academic and government-based researchers.

Elaine Mackay and Mark Elliot are the editors of the ADRN Guides, a series of works that provide guidance to ADRN researchers on several topics, such as data linkage, the legal framework within which they work, the principles of statistical disclosure control, and many more.

They also edit the newly established ADRN working paper series, aimed at researchers who want to publish technical papers, pre-prints or reports that are relevant to administrative data research and the workings of the ADRN. The series was announced at the 2017 Research Conference in Edinburgh and the first papers are expected soon.

Page last updated: 22/06/2017