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The University of Southampton and University College London are signatories of the Manifesto for Public Engagement of the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). For this reason, "we are committed to sharing our knowledge, resources and skills with the public, and to listening to and learning from the expertise and insight of the different communities with which we engage."

We are constantly thinking about new ways to engage in meaningful conversations with the public and to provide a hands-on experience for the most curious attendees at science festivals and conferences. Therefore we collaborate with our research scientists to develop exciting activities to learn about administrative data research.

The ADRC-E engagement portfolio of activities currently includes:

  • the Better Candies Benefit Society game: launched in 2017, it provides the 'sweetest' way to learn about linkage of different datasets to benefit society
  • the Admin Data Geo Challenge: launched in 2016, it requires some maths to answer real geography questions that help in the understanding of society
  • the Guess Who? Trump! quiz: launched in 2015, it gives a new twist in understanding data access for research in social sciences  

We also support knowledge about administrative data research and our Network centres by using different media to captivate our audiences. 

Images: The ADRC-E storytelling with safety box and padlocks (left) and our 'Better - Knowledge - Benefits - Society' origami (right)

Meet the Public Engagement Team  


ADRC-England has a dedicated Communications, Public Engagement and Events Manager, Silvia Lanati: 

Silvia has a PhD in Physiology and discovered her passion for public engagement whilst working in the laboratory as a cancer research scientist. In the past, she extensively volunteered with the Italian Red Cross and collaborated with Cancer Research UK. In the last years, she brought the international Pint of Science festival to Southampton and founded the regional SotComm+ Socials.

Silvia's role as public engagement manager for ADRC-England includes developing public engagement strategies, producing innovative engagement activities, organising public engagement events, supporting researchers, facilitating networking and collaborations and promoting a culture of public engagement with research across the Centre.

ADRC-E public engagement - Upcoming events 

In the summer and autumn of 2017 we are expanding our participation in public engagement events across England.

We will take part to the following science festivals together with the University of Southampton 'Bringing Research to Life' Roadshow:

We are also currently planning involvement in:

To find out more about our public engagement events, please contact Silvia or check our News webpage and follow us on Twitter

ADRC-E latest event: #CheltSciFest 2017

ADRC-England was at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2017 (#CheltSciFest) on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June. We were part of the University of Southampton initiative 'Bringing Research to Life' Roadshow. The team talked to 868 people at our ADRC-E stand at the Discovery Zone.

ADRC-E at CheltSciFest

Image: the Discovery zone and the ADRC-E stand at CheltSciFest 2017

'Better Candies Benefit Society': We counted all buttons (our 'Census' data) in the 4 jars (Data Linkage Platform) corresponding to the 4 types of candies provided by the 'Ministry of Candies'. 868 people took part in our experiment: 303 girls < 15 years old (34.9%), 222 boys < 15 years old (25.6%), 212 women ≥ 15 years old (24.4%) and 131 men ≥ 15 years old (15.1%). After careful consideration of the 'Published Results', the 'Candy Council' for CheltSciFest 2017 declared that liquorice will not be taken to the festival anymore.

BCBS CheltSciFest results

Images: Better Candies Benefit Society results at CheltSciFest 2017

We also had few questions left on our ADRC-E 'Book of Unknown Data Research Questions'. Answers will be provided soon. Please, come back to visit us!

ADRC-E public engagement - Past events

In 2017 ADRC-England took part in a series of public engagement events:

In 2016 ADRC-England took part in a series of public engagement events with the University of Southampton Roadshow, which brought ADRC-E to:

  • the Cheltenham Science Festival, 10 June
  • the Winchester Science Festival, 30 July

In 2015 we took part in:

  • the University of Southampton Science and Engineering Day 2015 (Saturday 14 March)
  • the Cheltenham Science Festival (4-5 June) - with the University of Southampton Roadshow

Images: Lisa at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2016 (left, photo courtesy of UoS Roadshow) and Claire at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2015 (right)

ADRC-E public engagement - Accolades 

  • March 2017: 'Better Candies Benefit Society' was a runner up for the 'Creative Activity Design' award at the University of Southampton Science and Engineering Festival Awards ceremony.
  • November 2015: 'Guess Who? Trump!' was awarded 'Creative Activity Design' at the University of Southampton Roadshow Awards ceremony.

Read more about public engagement.

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