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Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

ADRC-England was at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2017 (#CheltSciFest) on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June. We were part of the University of Southampton initiative 'Bringing Research to Life' Roadshow. Silvia and Mirela, with the help of Steve (Public Engagement with Research unit, University of Southampton) on Friday evening, talked to 868 people at our ADRC-E stand at the Discovery Zone.

Images: The Discovery zone and Mirela at Cheltenham Science Festival 2017

'Better Candies Benefit Society': We counted all buttons (our 'Census' data) in the 4 jars (Data Linkage Platform) corresponding to the 4 types of candies provided by the 'Ministry of Candies'. 868 people took part in our experiment: 303 girls < 15 years old (34.9%), 222 boys < 15 years old (25.6%), 212 women ≥ 15 years old (24.4%) and 131 men ≥ 15 years old (15.1%). After careful consideration of the 'Published Results', the 'Candy Council' for CheltSciFest 2017 declared that liquorice will not be taken to the festival anymore.

Images: Better Candies Benefit Society results at CheltSciFest 2017

We gathered all tweets about the event on a Twitter Moment on our @ADRC_E account. 

We also had few questions left on our ADRC-E 'Book of Unknown Data Research Questions'. The answers will be provided by our scientists soon.

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