The Administrative Data Research Network was an ESRC-funded project that ran from October 2013 to July 2018. It is currently at the end of its funding cycle and is no longer taking applications. Administrative data research will be taken forward in a new project, which was launched at the end of 2018.

Visit the Administrative Data Research Partnership for further information. 

This archival website reflects the state of play at the end of the project in July 2018. All content has been frozen and may not be up to date.

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Winchester Science Festival 2017

ADRC-England was at the Winchester Science Festival 2017 (#WinSciFest) on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July. We were part of the University of Southampton initiative 'Bringing Research to Life' Roadshow. The team talked to 244 people at our ADRC-E stand across two days at the Winchester Discovery Centre. This time we also closely worked with our colleagues from the Centre for Population Change (CPC), another of the ESRC-funded initiatives led by the University of Southampton. While we focused on the use of de-identified linked administrative sets of data, CPC highlighted key facts regarding migration in the UK. We all showed the fundamental importance of social science research to better understanding the society we live in and to support evidence-based decisions to benefit the public.  

Images: Sam, Silvia and Adam at the ADRC-E stand at the Winchester Discovery Centre for WinSciFest 2017

'Better Candies Benefit Society': We counted all buttons (our 'Census' data) in the 4 jars (Data Linkage Platform) corresponding to the 4 types of candies provided by the 'Ministry of Candies'. 244 people took part in our experiment: 51 girls < 15 years old (20.9%), 61 boys < 15 years old (25%), 79 women ≥ 15 years old (32.4%) and 53 men ≥ 15 years old (21.7%). After careful consideration of the 'Published Results', the 'Candy Council' for WinSciFest 2017 declared that liquorice (again!) will not be taken to the festival anymore.

Images: Sam at the stand and the Better Candies Benefit Society results at WinSciFest 2017

We gathered all tweets about the event on a WinSciFest 2017 Twitter Moment on our @ADRC_E Twitter account.

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