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As well as giving accredited researchers access to administrative data, the Administrative Data Research Centre for Northern Ireland will also carry out its own original research.

The following projects give an example of areas of current research interest:

  • improving accuracy when records are linked
  • examining socio-demographic and socio-economic characteristics for populations living near ‘peace walls’ to inform appropriate policy responses
  • understanding how various health and education characteristics shape outcomes for mothers and children during pregnancy and early life
  • understanding public attitudes to data sharing across Northern Ireland
  • how higher education affects social mobility in Northern Ireland
  • using data linkage to obtain accurate population estimates of migrants in Northern Ireland and their health and social care needs
  • assess possible alternative area level indicators of deprivation 

Read about our approved research projects and the projects we are currently developing.  

Find out more about the data potentially available through the Administrative Data Research Centre Northern Ireland

Page last updated: 28/09/2017