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ADRC-S Mailing List Privacy Notice

Information about you (the “subscriber” to our ADRC-S mailing list): how we use your information and with whom we share it.

  • The ADRC-S admin team is located within the University of Edinburgh. We process personal data of subscribers in order to send information periodically about the ADRC-S, so that each subscriber receives relevant information.

  • We use Apple Inc services to process our subscriber list and compose the emails; and the University of Edinburgh services to transmit the emails.

  • The information a subscriber provides will be used by the ADRC-S admin team to keep a subscriber up-to-date with ADRC-S news and events.

  • We are able to use information about a subscriber because (a) the subscriber has previously given us consent to be included on our mailing list, or (b) the subscriber is actively engaged with the ADRC-S and the material we email supports this engagement.

  • We will not share the subscriber’s personal data that we use for our mailing list with any parties outside of the University of Edinburgh without the subscriber’s consent.

  • The frequency of our emails will be variable.

  • We will hold the personal data provided to us by a subscriber for about 3 years. After this period we will communicate with subscribers to check if subscribers wish to remain on our mailing list. Alternatively, a subscriber can opt out of the mailing list at any time. Click here to send us an opt-out instruction. Click here to send us an opt-in instruction.

Page last updated: 25/05/2018