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Our Operations Group

Professor Chris Dibben

Chris Dibben is the Director of the Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland. He is also the Chair in Geography at the University of Edinburgh and part of the Geography and the Lived Environment research institute and the Director of the ESRC′s Administrative Data Liaison Service. His research interests include poverty, deprivation and inequalities; evaluating area-based initiatives; small area statistics; risk, vulnerability and hazards. He has worked on, among other subjects: epidemiological studies into recovery after heart attacks; the causes of low birth weight; the survival of drug misusers; the impact of air pollution.


Dr. Stephen Pavis

Stephen joined the Information Services Division of National Services Scotland, NHS, in 2003, and is currently Head of Programmes. He is responsible for developing the Scottish Health Information Service, Medical Record Linkage, NHS Information Governance, and ISD’s contribution to Scottish Health Informatics Programmes. Previous roles at ISD have included Programme Principal for the Long Term Conditions, Social Care, and Drug and Alcohol Misuse. Before joining ISD, Stephen was Head of the Department for Sociology at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh.

Phone: 0792 636 4562

Anthea Springbett

Anthea runs the user services team for ADRC-S. This team helps researchers to gain approval to use a wide range of data for ADRN projects and supervises access to the safe setting. A statistician by training Anthea worked in scientific research for many years before joining NHS Scotland in 2007. She was also involved in the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP).


Zhiqiang Feng

Zhiqiang is a Senior Research Fellow at the Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland responsible for leading the research team in developing research projects and carrying out data analysis. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Human Geography and Geographical Information Sciences at the School of Geosciences of the University of Edinburgh and part of the Geography and the Lived Environment research institute. He also works in the Longitudinal Studies Centre Scotland. His research interests include geography of population, health inequality, geography of health, longitudinal analysis, migration, commuting, GIS and spatial analysis.


David Clark

Dave manages the Data Linkage team at National Records of Scotland (NRS), the trusted third party indexing service for ADRC-S. NRS are responsible for handling all of the personally identifiable information in any linkage project, replacing these with de-identified index numbers which are then used to join data from different sources together before being made available to approved researchers through the safe settings. Dave is seconded from Information Services Division of NHS National Services Scotland, where he has been involved in Medical Record Linkage since 2001.


Andrew Smith

Andrew leads the Administrative Data Research Centre for Scotland’s operations at 9 Edinburgh Bioquarter, including support for the implementation of the research by the eight academic partners, and integrating the support led by the Electronic Data Research and Innovation Service team at the Farr Institute Scotland for external researcher projects.

Phone: 0131 455 2235

Carina Assunção

Carina joined the Administrative Data Research Centre-Scotland in October 2017 as the Administrative Support Officer. Carina will tackle any question, or know to whom to pass it on - just email her at

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