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The Administrative Data Research Centre Wales

The Administrative Data Research Centre Wales (ADRC-W) is led by Professor David Ford at Swansea University in partnership with Cardiff University.

The Centre brings together a strong team of economic and social science researchers from across Wales, and leading data scientists with strengths in privacy protection, information governance and data technology platforms.  

ADRC-W expertise

ADRC-W also draws upon a network of expertise via its links with the following research institutes: 

ADRC-W builds on existing expertise and an acknowledged reputation for the safe and trustworthy use of complex social data to create a Centre that uses cutting-edge technology to efficiently link and analyse de-identified administrative data that has the ability to inform social, economic and health related research in the UK.

The Centre will be the focal point for data-related social research in Wales and a major player in UK-wide efforts to transform research and policy environments.

Secure environment

The operational environment includes two ‘Safe Settings’ areas where users securely interact with data – one within the Data Science Building (Swansea University) and one within Cardiff University (Park Place, city centre). The ‘Safe Settings’ areas are secure office spaces where pre-approved users can interact with data held within the ADRC-W programme. These areas have strict controls to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is maintained appropriately and in line with data provider requirements and expectations.

ADRC-W is committed to protecting your privacy and complies with the principles of the relevant data protection regulations. We are committed to ensuring that your data is handled properly and any information we hold is stored securely and used in a lawful and ethical way. For information on what personal data ADRC-W collects, how we ensure privacy is maintained and respecting individuals legal rights relating to personal data please read our full privacy statement below. This Privacy Statement relates to the collection, handling and storage of data we obtain from individuals who work with ADRC-W, either those directly employed by ADRC-W or those who work with ADRC-W to undertake research projects.

ADRC-W privacy statement (344Kb)

Page last updated: 23/05/2018