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We produced video training podcasts that are informative short concise overviews of our training courses. Watch the podcasts to discover why you should have attended our courses and what you would have learnt by the end of each course.

Introduction to Administrative Data
Course Tutor:  Dr Emma White, ADRC-E

Introduction to Spatial Data Linkage Using R
Course Tutor: Dr Chris Gale, ADRC-E

Combining Data from Multiple Administrative and Survey Sources for Statistical Purposes
Course Tutor: Prof Li-Chun Zhang, ADRC-E

Introduction to Data Linkage
Course Tutor: Dr Katie Harron, LSHTM

Introduction to Data Visualisation
Course Tutor: Dr Linda Wijlaars, UCL

Introduction to Hospital Episode Statistics
Course Tutor: Dr Pia Hardelid, UCL

To know more about our courses, please visit our short courses webpage.

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