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Scottish Morbidity, 1981-

Title Details

Scottish Morbidity, 1981-
Principal investigator(s):
Information Services Division - NHS National Services Scotland
Data collector(s):
Information Services Division - NHS National Services Scotland (SMR01, SMR04, SMR06); National Records of Scotland (Death Records)

Subject Categories

  • Health services and medical care - Health


  • Abstract copyright ADRN.

    The Scottish Morbidity Database (SMR) consists of the following datasets linked together:

    • 1981 onwards: SMR01 – Episode level data on acute hospital admissions.
    • 1981 onwards: SMR04 – Episode level data on psychiatric admissions.
    • 1980 onwards: SMR06 – Cancer registrations.
    • 1980 onwards: National Records of Scotland Death Records.

    The datasets are permanently linked together and continuously updated allowing a more comprehensive overview of aspects of their health and NHS healthcare. Records relating to the same person are held together in patient groups. There are over 37 million records held in the database.

    The Scottish Morbidity Database covers all patients in Scotland with non-obstetric hospital admissions together with any cancer registration and corresponding death records. The ISD holds data from 1980 onwards. Some of the datasets began prior to this time. The Scottish Morbidity Database is continuously updated when new records or episodes are generated.

    The dataset is part of a wide range of health related administrative data collected by the Information Services Division (ISD), on behalf of the NHS National Services Scotland (part of NHS Scotland). ISD has been the authoritative source of Scottish national healthcare statistics for over 50 years. The data is used to enhance decisions about Scottish health care to improve the health of the people of Scotland. ISD is part of the SHIP (ScottisH Informatics Programme), a Scotland wide research platform for the collation, management, dissemination and analysis of Electronic Patient Records. As part of SHIP, ISD delivers Electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS), a one stop shop for health research designed to provide a single point of contact and to assist researchers in study design, approvals and data (non-patient or patient identifiable) access in a secure environment (the NSS National Safe Haven).

    The Scottish Morbidity Database data quality is of a high standard and is well populated with patients CHI numbers to allow for effective linkage to other data sources. The ISD Data Quality Assurance team is responsible for and ensuring SMR datasets are accurate, consistent and comparable across time and between sources. Information on the completeness and timeliness of all hospital activity SMR datasets is available in the Documentation section.

    In April 1996 diagnostic codes changed from ICD9 to ICD10. Further information on ICD10 is available in the Documentation section.

    Research Usage and Linkage

    The Scottish Morbidity Database is used by NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government for planning, epidemiology, provision of service and providing comparative information to help improve efficiencies in health care services. The database is an extremely useful research tool for looking at patient pathways and follow-up, such as readmission to hospital and survival. Its public health uses also include looking at co-morbidity and relationships between diseases. The database also has the potential to be used to estimate the incidence and prevalence for a wide range of diseases involving hospital admission and/or death.

    The different datasets held in the Scottish Morbidity Database are linked together by ISD. Records are updated continuously using a combination of deterministic and probability matching.

    The Scottish Morbidity Database and the Maternity and Neonatal Linked Database can be linked together. In this way, those patients with a particular diagnosis or any other event that might be of interest can be linked to either of these databases to identify other previous or subsequent hospital activity such as admissions, deaths, cancers and pregnancies.

    The Scottish Morbidity Database is also linked to the Scottish Health Survey and approximately 92% of survey respondents have given their consent to link to their health records. A variety of different linked datasets are available. An example of research using the linked Scottish Health Survey to the Scottish Morbidity Database is given in Gray et al. (2010).

Coverage, universe, methodology

Time period:
1981 -
Observation units:
Events and processes
Kind of data:
Individual (micro) level
All patients in Scotland with non-obstetric hospital admissions together with any cancer registration and corresponding death records (generally) from 1980.

Time dimensions:
Repeated cross-sectional study
Sampling procedures:
No sampling (total universe)
Number of units:
Over 37 million records
Method of data collection:

Compilation or synthesis of existing material

Composed of several datasets, which are permanently linked together and continuously updated when new records or episodes are generated.  Records relating to the same person are held together in patient groups.

Frequency of release:
Data Updated:

Administrative and access information

Crown copyright
Access conditions:
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By principal investigator(s):

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