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Application process

Please be aware that the ADRN is currently only accepting new applications for research projects that propose to use data which are readily available via the ADRN. See here for details of those datasets.

If you want to apply to use data that only covers one of the devolved nations (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), please contact the local ADRC directly:

However, we will consider enquiries regarding data not covered by the above to establish whether we are able to offer alternative solutions to your data needs.

If you experience issues with the application form, please contact our Helpdesk via


Step 4: Starting the analysis

Accessing data

Once the data is linked and de-identified, and the researchers are trained, they can access the data in a secure environment in one of the Administrative Data Research Centres. There are four Centres, one for each country in the UK, and each has a number of secure environments across the country.

The Network's secure environments are located at:

  • For England:
    • University of Southampton (7 seats)
    • University College London (11 seats)
    • Office for National Statistics in Titchfield (4 seats), Newport (4 seats) and London (10 seats)
  • For Northern Ireland:
    • Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency in Belfast (7 seats)
  • For Scotland:
    • University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
    • University of Dundee, Dundee
    • Bioquarter, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
    • University of Glasgow, Glasgow
    • University of St Andrews, St Andrews
  • For Wales:
    • Swansea University (5 seats)
    • Cardiff University (4 seats)

More about the Network and Centres

The research

The researcher can now carry out their research according to the terms and conditions set by the Network and the data custodians. The staff at the Administrative Data Research Centres can assist if needed.

Page last updated: 18/09/2017