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Secure access

To protect the privacy of data and ensure the utmost security, it is compulsory for researchers using the ADRN to analyse their data sets in a secure environment that adheres to the strictest security standards.

The Network has secure research environments at four centres across the UK. Staff at the centres will perform statistical disclosure control on the results of the analysis before they are released.


Once researchers have been trained, and their project is approved, they can access the administrative data in a secure environment. This is a facility – physical or virtual – hosted at:

Map of UK with locations of the centres marked

  • the data custodian (the organisation holding the data), or
  • one of the Administrative Data Research Centres

The Network's secure environments are located at:

  • For England:
    • University of Southampton
    • University College London
    • Office for National Statistics in Titchfield, Newport and London
  • For Northern Ireland:
    • Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency in Belfast
  • For Scotland:
    • Bioquarter, University of Edinburgh
  • For Wales:
    • Swansea University
    • Cardiff University

It may also be possible to use an existing secure environment at your institution – as long as it is approved by the Network and the data custodian.

These facilities simply allow researchers to use statistical software to analyse the data. They cannot take anything in or out of the room (including mobile phones, memory sticks or even pen and paper), and they will not be able to copy, download or disseminate the data in any way.

Once they have finished the analysis of the data, Network staff must clear the findings as safe before releasing the results to the researcher. 

There are many similar secure facilities around the UK where researchers can access secure data safely. Each one strictly protects the privacy of any personal and/or sensitive data used for research.

Page last updated: 19/06/2017