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Quality, ethics, capacity and integrity

The Network’s legal expertise provides guidance on data protection law, research governance and ethics. They have examined the legal, ethical and practical barriers to accessing administrative data for research, and developed solutions. Their work and original research contributes to best practice in the governance of administrative data in the UK and the Network has developed a decision-making tool to help data controllers consider whether it is legally appropriate to share administrative data for research in the public interest. 

The Network does not work directly with personal data, nor for commercial gain. All researchers using the Network follow a strict application process and must attend highly specialist training developed in collaboration with the UK Data Service, HM Revenue and Customs, and Office for National Statistics before they can access data. The ADRN helps build and expand data science and analytical capability across government for analysts and non-analysts.

The ADRN operates within all legislative, ethical, governance, privacy processes and protocols surrounding data protection. Many members of the Network are leading experts in these fields and are developing best practice. The Centre for Law, Health and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) at Oxford University is a key partner.

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Page last updated: 06/09/2017