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Security standards

The Network operates according to the principles of the “5 Safes of Data Sharing”, which are explained by this video created by the UK Data Service.

Breaches & Penalties

We have taken every precaution and our security measures are among the strictest in the industry.

There are laws governing how people use data, and any breach of policy and procedure will be taken very seriously and pursued in accordance with our policies and the law.

The researcher and their institution face serious penalties in the event of any breach.

For example:

  • the researcher may face a fine or prison sentence
  • the researcher could incur sanctions from data custodians, Research Councils UK and funders – significantly damaging their future career
  • research funding could be removed from the individual or their entire institution and the institution would also face sanctions from the law, data custodians, Research Councils UK and funders

Page last updated: 30/06/2017