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Security standards

The Network operates according to the principles of the “5 Safes of Data Sharing”, which are explained by this video created by the UK Data Service.

Safe environments

Researchers can only access the data in the secure facilities at one of our Administrative Data Research Centres, or in a secure environment specified by the data provider. They are not allowed to take any materials in or out of the rooms.

  • the data custodian (the organisation holding the data), or
  • one of the Administrative Data Research Centres

The Network's secure environments are located at:

  • For England:
    • University of Southampton
    • University College London
    • Office for National Statistics in Titchfield, Newport and London
  • For Northern Ireland:
    • Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) in Belfast
    • Office for National Statistics, Invest NI and NISRA, Belfast
  • For Scotland:
    • University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
    • University of Dundee, Dundee
    • Bioquarter, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
    • University of Glasgow, Glasgow
    • University of St Andrews, St Andrews
    • Office for National Statistics, Scottish Government, Glasgow
  • For Wales:
    • Swansea University
    • Cardiff University

Page last updated: 28/09/2017