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The Digital Economy Act 2017 releases the burden on government departments to enable the ADRN to support policy development and their economic and social research needs.  The Network aims to keep the burden to benefit ratio positive and predictable. Whether using datasets to help government departments measure the impact of existing policies or support future policy development, the Network provides expertise to enable researchers to look at data in a specific region or devolved government, or compare regional with national data on specific topics, with minimal impact on their current resources.

Administrative data collections are a valuable and currently under-used resource. Because they already exist, there are no hidden costs in providing the information. In some cases, these data resources have been collected in the same way over many years, so researchers across government departments and academia can compare the same data over time to uncover trends.

The Network reduces the burden on government departments looking to use costly surveys by securely linking administrative data to other data collections such as longitudinal surveys. Linked administrative data can get very close to complete population coverage. The Network can transform single-purpose personal administrative records into many-purpose linked and anonymised research datasets, dramatically multiplying the value of the data in the department.

The Network is transparent about data retention and destruction.  Any reuse of datasets is only undertaken with the permission of the data providers and all security processes and procedures are still adhered to when datasets are reused.

Page last updated: 06/09/2017