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Large Public Engagement Events

In 2016 the public engagement team in ADRC-Scotland and colleagues from the University of Aberdeen collaborated on an extensive Public Engagement Event in Aberdeen with over 400 attendees. 

The Aberdeen Children of the 1950s is an ongoing study of 12,000 people born in Aberdeen city between 1950 and 1956. The study links together data on education, health, demographics and social behaviour across the life-course. The reunion event brought participants and experts together to shape the future of the study. Two main sessions took place on how the study could be enriched for future research projects and the other looking at how the participants feel about their data being used. The event was a great success and enabled the team to build trust and develop ongoing relationships with the participants. The event also included a presentation from the Chair of the ADRN Approvals Panel, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice Chancellor, University of Aberdeen and the event was featured on STV News.

Page last updated: 18/07/2017