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Supporting research with public engagement

The ADRN appreciate the need for public engagement. We also understand that researchers need support and assistance to undertake public engagement. Across the network there is a range of support to enable researchers to discuss their research and host their own engagement activities.

If you are a researcher, please contact your local centre for help and advice with public engagement: 

ADRC England        ADRC Northern Ireland        ADRC Scotland        ADRC Wales

Public panels

Research centres in ADRC Scotland and ADRC Wales have public panels that get involved in individual research projects, and engage in broader policy discussions and decisions across the network.

Training for researchers

ADRC-Scotland’s Public Engagement team understands that researchers need to be supported to develop their own public engagement activities and they developed a one day workshop designed to help researchers across Scotland develop greater understanding of public engagement in research and develop a plan for engaging the public in their work.

Support for researchers in Northern Ireland

The Administrative Data Research Centre in Northern Ireland also offer support to researchers in public engagement, from understanding public engagement to developing a strategy and approach as early in the life of the project as possible, to facilitating relationships with key stakeholders and developing research partnerships within the VCSE sector.

Page last updated: 27/06/2017