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Opportunities and obstacles of using Administrative Data 

John Pullinger CB, UK Statistics Authority talks about the opportunities and obstacles facing those looking to share and use Administrative Data.


There’s some fabulous opportunities for sharing data ahead of us, but I think there are probably 3 obstacles that need to be overcome.

The first is legislation. We need to be absolutely clear what the law allows and what the conditions are that will enable legal sharing of data to take place.

The second is incentives. People who are custodians of data rightly take great care over who uses it. But if you get the incentives in place to show the value of sharing, then we’ll get more of it.

But the third one is resources, and people’s time and the money needed to make data available in many government departments in particular is a significant cost. We need to work out that the benefits significantly outweigh the costs of doing it. Once we do that then data sharing will start taking place.

I think we’re very close and I think that over the next year we’ll see a significant shift for the better.

Page last updated: 19/06/2017