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This is a non-exhaustive list of publications by ADRN researchers.


Kate Jane Fitzsimons, Lynn P Copley, Efrosini Setakis, Susan C Charman, Scott A Deacon, Lorraine Dearden and Jan H van der MeulenEarly academic achievement in children with isolated clefts: a population-based study in England in Archives of Disease in Childhood, November 2017, p. 1-7 

Anna Sexton, Elizabeth Shepherd, Oliver Duke-Williams and Alexandra EveleighA balance of trust in the use of government administrative data in Archival Science, October 2017, p. 1-26 

David Martin, Christopher Gale, Samantha Cockings and Andrew Harfoot: Origin-destination geodemographics for analysis of travel to work flows in Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, January 2018, Volume 67, p. 68-79

Katie Harron, James Doidge, Hannah Knight, Ruth Gilbert, Harvey Goldstein, David Cromwell and Jan van der Meulen: A guide to evaluating linkage quality for the analysis of linked data in International Journal of Epidemiology, September 2017, p. 1-12

Ai MilojevicBen Armstrong and Paul Wilkinson: Mental health impacts of flooding: a controlled interrupted time series analysis of prescribing data in England in Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, August 2017, Volume 71, Issue 10

Sam Wilding, David Martin and Graham MoonHow far is a long distance? An assessment of the issue of scale in the relationship between limiting long-term illness and long-distance migration in England and Wales in Population, Space and Place, August 2017, p. 1-12

Katie HarronRuth GilbertDavid CromwellSam OddieAstrid Guttmann and Jan van der MeulenInternational comparison of emergency hospital use for infants: data linkage cohort study in Canada and England in BMJ Quality & Safety, July 2017, p. 1-9

Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Katie Harron, Harvey Goldstein, Rob Aldridge and Ruth Gilbert:  Probabilistic linking to enhance deterministic algorithms and reduce linkage errors in hospital administrative data in Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics, July 2017, Volume 24, Issue 2, p. 234–246 

Ruth Gilbert, Rosemary Lafferty, Gareth Hagger-Johnson, Katie Harron, Li-Chun Zhang, Peter W.F. Smith, Chris Dibben and Harvey GoldsteinGUILD: GUidance for Information about Linking Data sets in Journal of Public Health, March 2017, p. 1–8

Katie Harron, Gareth Hagger-JohnsonRuth Gilbert and Harvey GoldsteinUtilising identifier error variation in linkage of large administrative data sources in BMC Medical Research Methodology, February 2017, Volume 17, Issue 23

Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Lorraine Dearden, Katie Harron, Bilal Nasim and Ruth Gilbert: Factors associated with re-entry to out-of-home care among children in England in Child Abuse & Neglect, Volume 63, January 2017, p. 73–83 


Jamie C. Moore, Gabriele B. Durrant and Peter W. F. Smith: Data set representativeness during data collection in three UK social surveys: generalizability and the effects of auxiliary covariate choice in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)December 2016

Christopher J. Playford, Vernon Gayle, Roxanne Connelly and Alasdair J.G. Gray: Administrative social science data: The challenge of reproducible research in Big Data & Society, December 2016, p.1-13

Patrick Sturgis, Joel Williams, Ian Brunton-Smith and Jamie C. MooreFieldwork effort, response rate, and the distribution of survey outcomes: A multilevel meta-analysis in Public Opinion QuarterlyVolume 81, Issue 2, December 2016, p. 523-542

Yuan Ke, Bo Fu and Wenyang Zhang: Semi-varying coefficient multinomial logistic regression for disease progression risk prediction in Statistics in Medicine, Volume 35, Issue 26, November 2016, p. 4764-4778 

Sam Wilding, David Martin and Graham Moon: The impact of limiting long term illness on internal migration in England and Wales: New evidence from census microdata in Social Science & Medicine, Volume 167, October 2016, p. 107–115  

Graeme Laurie and Leslie Stevens: Developing a Public Interest Mandate for the Governance and Use of Administrative Data in the United Kingdom in Journal of Law and Society, Volume 43, Issue 3, September 2016, p. 360–392

Roxanne Connelly, Christopher J. Playford, Vernon Gayle and Chris Dibben: The role of administrative data in the big data revolution in social science research in Social Science Research, Volume 59, September 2016, p. 1–12

Christopher J. Playford, Vernon Gayle, Roxanne Connelly and Susan Murray: Parental socioeconomic influences on filial educational outcomes in Scotland: patterns of school-level educational performance using administrative data in Contemporary Social Science, Volume 11, 2016, Issue 2-3, p.183-202

Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Lorraine Dearden, Katie Harrond, Bilal Nasim and Ruth Gilbert: Data Resource Profile: Children Looked After Return (CLA) in International Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 0, 2016, p. 1–8 

Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Lorraine Dearden, Katie Harrond, Bilal Nasim and Ruth Gilbert: Changes in first entry to out-of-home care from 1992 to 2012 among children in England in Child Abuse & Neglect, Volume 51, January 2016, p. 163–171 


Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Jenny Woodman and Ruth Gilbert: Safeguarding children and improving their care in the UK, Correspondence in The Lancet, Volume 386, Issue 10004, October 2015, p. 1630 


Katie Harron: What England could learn from Canada on reducing child hospital admissions in The Conversation, published on August 2, 2017

Silvia Lanati: Data research at science festivals: engaging the public in ESRC Blog 'Shaping Society', published on July 21, 2017 

Chris CoatesHow secure data-sharing can help ‘Daniel Blakes’ in ESRC Blog 'Shaping Society', published on February 14, 2017 

Louise Mc Grath-Lone: Why some children are more likely to go back into care than others in The Conversation, published on January 13, 2017 

Emma White: It may be legal, but is it right? Ethics and secondary data use in Geodemographics Blog, published on December 12, 2016 

Louise Mc Grath-Lone: Hard Evidence: are more children going into care? in The Conversation, published on December 9, 2015

David Martin: Which data would you like with that - the Traditional, the Administrative or the Big? in Geodemographics Blog, published on April 7, 2015

Emma White: The Administrative Data Research Network - weaving straw into gold in Geodemographics Blog, published on March 2, 2015

Other outcomes

Matthew Jay, Jenny Woodman, Karen Broadhurst and Ruth Gilbert: Who cares for children? Population data for family justice research Towards a Family Justice Observatory A scoping study, 2017

Ruth Gilbert and Peter Dutey-Magni: Researchers need access to NHS data for effective redesign of clinical pathways - Letter in BMJ, August 2017, Volume 358

John Stillwell at el.: The Routledge Handbook of Census Resources, Methods and Applications: Unlocking the UK 2011 Census (International Population Studies). Routledge, August 2017, 1st edition 

Marco Di Zio, Li-Chun Zhang and Ton de Vaal: Statistical methods for combining multiple sources of administrative and survey data in The Survey Statistician, July 2017, No. 76, p. 17-26 

Yongfu Yu, Maximiliane Verfuerden, Pia Hardelid, Ania Zylbersztejn, Zeyan Liew, Jørn Olsen, Ruth Gilbert, Jiong Li and Bo Fu: Maternal socioeconomic status and infant mortality with low birth weight as a mediator: an inter-country comparison between Scotland and Denmark using administrative dataIJPDS (2017) Issue 1, Vol 1:347 Proceedings of the International Population Data Linkage Conference Conference (August 2016) 

Katie Harron, Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Samantha Mason and Ruth Gilbert: Using linked administrative data for monitoring and evaluating the Family Nurse Partnership in England: a scoping report, commissioned and published by Family Nurse Partnership, 2016

Bo Fu, Li Su: Missing Confounder Data in Propensity Score Methods for Causal Inference, in He H., Wu P., Chen DG. (eds) Statistical Causal Inferences and Their Applications in Public Health Research (2016). ICSA Book Series in Statistics. Springer, Cham

Katie Harron, Harvey Goldstein and Chris DibbenMethodological Developments in Data Linkage (2015). Wiley series in probability and statisticsJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd 

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