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The Administrative Data Research Network is an ESRC-funded project that ran from October 2013 - July 2018. It is currently at the end of its funding cycle and is no longer taking applications. Administrative data research will be taken forward in a new project, to be launched later in 2018.

Inclusion and the academisation of English secondary schools: trends in the placement of pupils with significant SEN and those permanently excluded.

This study will explore the impact of the policies on the inclusion of vulnerable pupils in secondary schools. In this proposal vulnerable pupils are defined as those with significant SEN as well as those who experience permanent exclusions. This study will focus on English secondary schools as the inclusion of vulnerable pupils is more challenging in secondary than primary schools. This project aims to analyse data from the NPD about pupils with SEN that enter and enrol at year 7 in secondary schools. It will also analyse those who exit from year 7 in secondary schools to special schools or exit as permanently excluded.

Lead: Alison Black (Exeter University)

Page last updated: 11/07/2018