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An investigation into the impact of disability on employment in Wales

Research overview

This research project intends to demonstrate the unique contribution that linked data can make to the evidence base while informing policy makers about disabled individuals’ patient pathways. It will examine the contribution that data linkage can make to understanding the relationship between disability and employment and subsequent economic outcomes in Wales, while assisting the Welsh Government to understand the different patient pathways for individuals who self-report disability within the National Survey for Wales.


Investigating different patient pathways could potentially lead to a more effective approach of managing the health care of disabled people. Such analysis also has the potential to identify health inequities among disabled individuals, as disabilities vary by type and severity of disability.

This research project may also form a useful pilot to test and demonstrate the accessibility, support and value of constructing and using linked administrative and survey data.

Government departments

Welsh Government

Date Approved

June 2015 

Lead researcher 

Aideen Ahern, Swansea University

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