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ADRN Working Papers

The ADRN is setting up a Working Paper Series for any technical, procedural or research-focused papers that are relevant to the work of the ADRN. The series will be edited by Mark Elliot and Elaine Mackay of the Administrative Data Service.

What is an ADRN Working Paper?

It is any technical, procedural or research focused paper that is of relevance to the work of the ADRN in supporting responsible access to linked de-identified administrative data.

A paper may be a:

  • Report. A document, possibly longer than a pre-print, describing activity relevant to the ADRN’s operation.
  • Technical paper. A set of notes about a method or procedure not appropriate for journal publication but which, for example, an author may want to refer to in other work.
  • Pre-print. An early version of a paper (to be) submitted to a journal.

The benefit of submitting a paper to the series

The series provides an opportunity to publish papers that might not necessarily fit journal publication criteria or to publish early drafts of your work.

Where will the papers be published?

Right here on the ADRN website:

Where can I find out more about the Working Paper Series?

For further information on the Working Paper Series and on how to submit a paper please email:

Page last updated: 19/06/2017